We want to help mend the torn social fabric of American culture.

Are You Post-Progressive?

Are You Post-Progressive?Take a 2-minute test of your post-progressivism, and see your “transcendence and inclusion score.”

This simple test asks you to select your level of agreement or disagreement with twelve political statements. The test results will indicate your inclusivity score, your transcendence score, and the overall extent of your post-progressive perspective.


WIN WIN WINICE’s position on healthcare reform, like all the issues in our evolving platform, is focused on finding “win-win-win” solutions that integrate the values of all three major American worldviews: progressive, modern, and traditional. This win-win-win political framework is derived from the business practice of stakeholder integration, which has proven to be highly effective at building agreement and increasing the “size of the pie.” Because the issue of healthcare has become mired in the culture war, sympathetically overcoming political opposition to reform proposals is the first order of business. Which is why outlining an healthcare “win” for all three worldviews is the primary focus of our current proposal.

Our strategy entails evolving and developing this approach to healthcare reform with the goal of forging a rough consensus within the nascent post-progressive political movement.

Our Invitation to All Sides

Post-Progressivism welcomes anyone, from anywhere on the political spectrum, willing to dialogue and seek solutions in good faith. To find out more about how post-progressivism attempts to include your political values, please select the circle that best represents your political identity:

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Post Progressive Inquiries PodcastsPost-Progressive Inquiries Podcast:

Launch of the Post-Progressive Post!

In the latest Post-Progressive Inquiries episode of the Daily Evolver, Steve McIntosh and Jeff Salzman discuss the launch of the new Post-Progressive Post and how this new political and cultural worldview is attempting to peacefully resolve the culture war by integrating the important values of the left, right, and center.

Organization Spotlight

Highlighting the work of other organizations we admire

This Month’s Spotlight: The Breakthrough Institute

Who ask: “What does justice mean in the context of ecomodernism? Global modernity was both built upon histories of conquest and oppression and gave birth to traditions of liberal universalism, political enfranchisement, and cosmopolitan empathy upon which contemporary demands for justice and equity rest. Modernization has likewise brought long-term improvements in the human condition while not benefiting all equally and leaving many behind.

At the heart of all discussions of modernist politics lies a paradox. The modern era marked a continuation of violence, oppression, inequity, and subjugation that go as far back as we have been human. It marked an intensification of our proclivities toward violence and cruelty, as the social and technological machinery of modernity allowed for the manifestation of those tendencies at previously unimaginable scales. And it marked a gradual and ongoing break from those histories, as the shift from feudal and hierarchical to capitalist and democratic societies produced new economies, new publics, new institutions, and new values that have slowly and incrementally ameliorated or eliminated manifestations of human cruelty.”
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The Post-Progressive Alliance

The Post-Progressive Club (PPC) is a new nonprofit membership association for people who identify with the emerging post-progressive perspective. Through conversation and fellowship, we are exploring and advancing a new kind of cultural and political higher ground.

A series of graphics that visually illustrate the multiple political polarities that exist between the “four Americas.”

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