About The Post-Progressive Post

The Post-Progressive Post (PPP) is a key initiative of the Institute for Cultural Evolution think tank. The PPP is the flagship publication of the Institute’s overall “Post-Progressive Project.” Steve McIntosh serves as the PPP’s Editor-in-Chief, and Josh Leonard is the PPP’s Publisher and Managing Editor. Other contributors to the PPP website include Carter Phipps, Greg Thomas, and Jessica Nichol. As the PPP grows, we will add additional post-progressive writers and features. 

The PPP’s parent organization, the Institute for Cultural Evolution, is a nonprofit 501c3 founded in 2013 and based in Boulder, Colorado. The Institute’s mission is to advance the evolution of consciousness and culture in America. Its main focus as a think tank is the amelioration of hyper-partisan polarization. The Institute’s Post-Progress Project seeks to integrate positive values from across the political spectrum to create effective new forms of agreement.

In addition to their roles as managing editors of the PPP, McIntosh and Leonard also manage the Institute for Cultural Evolution. McIntosh serves as President, and Leonard serves as Executive Director. The think tank’s board of directors includes Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, Daily Evolver podcast host Jeff Salzman, serial tech entrepreneur John Street, author and co-founder Carter Phipps, energy tech CEO Nate Lowery, and musician and philanthropist John Mistler.

The Institute for Cultural Evolution’s political position is neither left, nor right, nor centrist. It does not undertake lobbying efforts or back political candidates, and it is not associated with any political party. By remaining politically independent, the Institute is able to synthesize and harmonize the values and positive goals of both the left and the right. The strategies used by the Institute to widen perspectives and integrate politically opposed viewpoints are new and unique. These strategies are based on fresh insights into how worldviews form and how human culture evolves. By clarifying the cultural roots of hyperpolarization, the Institute’s analysis offers innovative solutions to this “wicked problem.”

Comments and inquiries about either the Post-Progressive Post or the Institute for Cultural Evolution can be sent to: info@culturalevolution.org