Are You Post-Progressive? Take the Test

Are You Post-Progressive?

Are You Post-Progressive?

Take a 2-minute test of your post-progressivism, and see your “transcendence and inclusion score.”

This simple test asks you to select your level of agreement or disagreement with twelve political statements. The test results will indicate your inclusivity score, your transcendence score, and the extent to which you are post-progressive overall.

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What Does Post-Progressive Mean?

The post-progressive political perspective is described in various levels of complexity in the following links on this website:

What Are “transcendence and inclusion” scores?

Post-progressivism strives to transcend the worst and include the best of American culture’s three major worldviews: progressivism, modernism, and traditionalism. Your “transcendence score” accordingly suggests the degree to which you have transcended these earlier worldviews and gained an “outside and above” perspective on American politics and culture. Your “inclusion score” conversely suggests the degree to which you include the enduring values of these earlier worldviews in your perspective, as well as your ability to recognize the interdependence of America’s overall cultural ecosystem.