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Apply to Join Our Nonprofit Association

The Post-Progressive Alliance (PPA) is a new nonprofit membership association for people who identify with the emerging post-progressive perspective. Through conversation and fellowship, we are exploring and advancing a new kind of cultural and political higher ground.

This aspirational ideal of higher ground is the general focus of our ongoing 90-minute conversations, which take place on the second Wednesday of every month on Zoom, from 5:00pm to 6:30pm Mountain Time (4:00- 5:30 Pacific, 7:00-8:30 Eastern). In addition to monthly online conversations, we will also convene in-person gatherings and other events in 2022. There is also a private discussion forum for PPA members to connect and contribute to the emerging post-progressive perspective.

PPA Members Can Visit the Forum Here

The PPA is an association of the Institute for Cultural Evolution, a 501c3 Colorado nonprofit organization.

Those who wish to join the Post-Progressive Alliance must apply and be accepted.

Application Process

The PPA’s application process is as follows:

  1. Take the “Post-Progressive Test” on this website and score 60% or higher (you may take the test multiple times).
  2. Provide sincere written answers to these two questions:
    • Why is a post-progressive approach to politics needed now?
    • How does post-progressivism differ from other political perspectives?
  3. Agree to abide by PPA’s member expectations outlined below:

Post-Progressive Alliance Member Expectations

The Post-Progressive Alliance (PPA) is a discussion forum founded on confidentiality, trust, respect, and fellowship. By applying and agreeing to join the Club, members signify their commitment to the following expectations:

  1. Members agree to treat each other with dignity and respect and to do their best to come from a post-progressive
  2. Members agree to keep all PPA forum conversations confidential.
  3. Members agree to participate regularly in PPA’s Zoom calls, agreeing to miss no more than half of PPA’s scheduled
    meetings in a given year, which take place on the second Wednesday of every month.
  4. Members acknowledge that a breach of any of these expectations may result in the termination of their membership in
    PPA. Members may, of course, drop out at any time.