Post Progressive Inquiries

Post-Progressive Inquries, hosted by The Daily Evolver, is a video podcast wherein co-hosts Jeff Salzman and Steve McIntosh discuss how the emerging post-progressive worldview is shaping politics, economics, education, business, and other domains of culture and society. Jeff and Steve also interview other leaders and luminaries to explore how their work relates to post-progressive thought and integral philosophy in general.

This Week in the News

In this new program, streamed live weekly, Jeff Salzman gives his unique post-progressive take on the news and opinion of the day. Tune in to find out how the emerging post-progressive perspective can help make sense of our hyper-polarized culture and politics, and more importantly, show us the way forward out of it! This Week in the New York Times will take place live on Facebook every Friday, at 11am MT (10am PT, 12pm CT, and 1pm ET) at our Post-Progressive Facebook Group

Developmental Politics Video Course

Hyperpolarization in American politics has divided our nation, government, friendships, and even our families. The need to find a way forward feels urgent yet unclear. Join Steve McIntosh, author and president of the Institute for Cultural Evolution, for his 9-part course, Becoming Part of the Solution—a deep dive into a developmental approach to politics where the remedy is found in the evolution of consciousness itself.

By clearly recognizing the deep value structures of our democracy, Steve shows how we can overcome our political hatreds and discover a powerful interdependence inherent in America’s overall “cultural ecosystem.” The course, based on Steve’s acclaimed 2020 book: Developmental Politics, is produced and hosted by The Aligned Center in New York.

Developmental Politics Course Clips

Developmental Politics Course Clips

These short video clips are excerpted from Steve McIntosh’s 9-week Zoom course entitled: Becoming Part of the Solution: A Course in Post-Progressive Politics. The course, hosted by The Aligned Center in New York, was held from February to April 2021. These 9 clips provide a brief introduction to some central elements of post-progressive political philosophy. The clips also address common questions frequently posed by those who are new to this approach.

The Daily Evolver

The goal of The Daily Evolver podcast is to examine current events through the lens of integral philosophy. Jeff Salzman has been hosting this acclaimed podcast for over 10 years, covering development in politics, art, culture, and spirituality with guests from across the integral movement.

My thesis is that evolution is beautiful, but not pretty. Knowing this allows us to be more friendly to the struggles of humanity, which is fighting and loving its way forward, and becoming wiser in the process. Check out my short introduction video here.
— Jeff Salzman

Carter Phipps

Thinking Ahead

Your world is evolving—find out how with Carter Phipps, co-author of the Wall St. Journal bestseller Conscious Leadership, and cofounder of the Institute for Cultural Evolution. The weekly podcast explores the movements, trends, people, and ideas that are shaping our evolving world. As an unapologetic generalist, an optimist, and an integrative thinker, Carter enjoys the opportunity to interview a diverse range of thinkers. Thinking Ahead helps advance many of the ideas and political approaches that the Institute for Cultural Evolution was founded to pursue.

More Post-Progressive Videos and Podcasts

This section includes Steve Mcintosh’s popular “5-Minute Videos” on overcoming polarization, as well as other videos and podcasts related to post-progressive politics.