David Storey Interviews Steve McIntosh on the Wisdom at Work Podcast

David Storey, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Cultural Evolution, interviews Steve McIntosh for his Wisdom at Work podcast. In this wide ranging conversation, Steve and David discuss Steve’s book Developmental Politics and explore how the post-progressive political philosophy better illuminates both the problem and solution to our culture war-driven hyperpolarization. David describes Steve’s diagnosis of the hyper-polarization plaguing our political culture as “the best I have ever come across; better, in my judgment, than those of media luminaries such as Ezra Klein and Jonathan Haidt”. Join them for a philosophical tour de force of a conversation!

Carter Phipps Talks With Steve McIntosh About the Launch of the Post-Progressive Post on the Thinking Ahead Podcast

In the latest Thinking Ahead podcast, Carter Phipps and Steve McIntosh discuss the launch of the new Post-Progressive Post and how this site is designed to bring a fresh, new perspective to politics—one that is neither left, right, nor centrist, but instead attempts to synthesize the best of all three of these political positions by integrating the cultural values from each of America’s three major worldviews: Progressivism, Modernism, and Traditionalism. The launch of the site made for a perfect opportunity for Carter to have Steve back on the podcast for a deeper dive into what a post-progressive approach to politics and culture might look like. 

Steve McIntosh on Progressivism

In this short video produced by Innovative Edge, Steve McIntosh discusses the emergence of the progressive postmodern worldview.

Steve McIntosh on Liberal Values

In this short video produced by Innovative Edge, Steve McIntosh highlights the “sphere of sovereignty” that modern liberal values brought into the world for the first time in history.

Developmental Politics Simplified In 5 Minutes

Political philosopher Steve McIntosh simplifies his new book: “Developmental Politics—How America Can Grow Into a Better Version of Itself.” There is much more to the book than what is covered in this brief video. But as Steve explains, the need to increase our “cultural intelligence” to overcome polarization is a central theme of the book.

How To Overcome Political Polarization In 5 Minutes

Political philosopher Steve McIntosh explains how Americans can overcome hyper-partisanship by more skillfully managing the polarity between liberal values and conservative values. Over the past few decades a promising theoretical perspective has arisen that sheds new light on the forces that cause political polarization. This way to think about conflict, known as “polarity theory,” posits that certain types of polar opposition are actually generators of value that, when effectively managed, can build agreement and produce meaningful political progress.

A New Politics of Culture

In this episode of The Daily Evolver, integral philosopher Steve McIntosh and Jeff Salzman discuss Steve’s new book: Developmental Politics—How America Can Grow Into a Better Version of Itself. Steve employs integral political philosophy to help overcome America’s hyperpolarized cultural condition. He offers a pragmatic yet inspiring approach to our national political dilemma through a new politics of culture—one that goes right to the heart of this entrenched, complex issue.

Steve’s proposals for overcoming hyperpolarization are founded on an emerging form of “cultural intelligence” that directly addresses the conflicting values underlying our poisoned politics. This new way of seeing leads to an inclusive vision of social progress—a new American Dream—that can help revive our collective sense of common cause and thereby restore the functionality of our democracy. Developmental Politics provides the fresh thinking we need to transcend America’s contemporary political impasse.

Steve McIntosh on Polarity Theory

In this 53 minute video podcast Steve speaks with Miles Kessler about the exciting promise of polarity theory. This theoretical perspective provides a new a way to think about conflict and value creation. The theory demonstrates how certain types of polar opposition are actually generators of value that, when effectively managed, can build agreement and produce meaningful progress. This podcast is taken from the Integral Dojo’s 2019 Tele-Summit: Dharma & The Evolution Of Conflict [http://theintegraldojo.com/dharma-the…]